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Appendant Bodies


Squires of the Roundtable

squires.jpgThe Order of the Squires of the Round Table was established in 1995 as a pledge for the International Order of DeMolay. It's mission is to allow young men from the ages of 10 through 12 to have an opportunity to participate in some of the fun activities with DeMolay, but not to be overwhelmed with the age differences and ritual work that is part of DeMolay.


Louisiana State Priory

priory.jpgThe Order of Knighthood is an appendent organization of Older DeMolays. The Knighthood program is for active DeMolays between 17 and 21 years of age who are organized into a subordinate unit known as a Priory with its own officers and ritual.


Marquis de Lafayette Chapter

marquis_de_lafayette.jpgThe Marquis de Lafayette Chapter is named for the great patriot who fought for our country’s independence .  This chapter is for any Mason who was not fortunate enough to be a DeMolay in his youth.  The initiate goes through the same degrees as a regular candidate and in most cases, at the same time as the young men.  He then becomes an honorary DeMolay.  The cost of this degree is $50 and includes a certificate suitable for framing and a DeMolay/Masonic pin.  This is a great way to show your support for DeMolay and for the young men of our organization.


For more information contact the Executive Officer at LAEO8@yahoo.com