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Representative DeMolay Award


The Representative DeMolay Award, which is more commonly referred to as the RD Award, is the highest self-achievement distinction a DeMolay can earn.  It signifies that he has analyzed his strengths and weaknesses in abilities, knowledge and skills.

 It tells the world that the recipient is a young man who has already established a list of definite accomplishments, knowledge and skills that will go far in assisting him up the ladder of  success no matter what yardstick is used.


 The RD program was first established in 1924 and for many years was a competition to select the most outstanding DeMolays from throughout the movement.  In 1935 the program was redesigned to fill a growing need for self-evaluation by every DeMolay.  Today it is hoped that every DeMolay can evaluate his progress in the fields of mental, physical, social, economic and spiritual development through the RD Program, thus recognizing the areas in which he has made sufficient progress, as well as those which need further emphasis.

To apply for the Representative DeMolay Award complete either one of the two forms listed below and to forward it with any attachments called for and the fee of $10 to:  Dad Robert Craig, P.O.Box 760789, San Antonio, TX 78245



Representative DeMolay Award Evaluation Form (.pdf editable)

Representative DeMolay Award Evaluation Form (Word - editable)