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Welcome to the website of the Louisiana State Association, Order of DeMolay.

DeMolay in Louisiana has a rich heritage, and through the efforts of many Advisors, especially Dad Robert Hagen, part of that heritage can be found here.  We hope you will find it interesting and inspiring for your future in DeMolay.

The Chapters of Louisiana are very different, but very strong in Brotherhood.  If you have the opportunity to visit their web pages or facebook pages, I encourage you to do so. It’s the next best thing to visit the chapter’s functions.

As you can see very quickly, Louisiana DeMolay is struggling to find itself in the modern age.  Currently, we have six active chapters in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Mangum, Shreveport and Lake Charles.  There is also interest in the New Orleans area, Livingston and Ascention Parishes, as well as other areas in the state.  If you are interested in sponsoring, or serving as an Advisor to, a chapter, please contact me or any member of the Jurisdictional Staff.  We’ll be glad to discuss the process with you as well as attend any meeting of your organization.

If you know of a young man who you believe would make a great DeMolay, please submit his name on a referral form, and we’ll be glad to handle the rest.

Finally, I hope you will participate or visit one of our state events.  They are held quarterly for specific purposes, but Brotherhood always seems to be first and foremost on all our minds.  Hope to see you soon!

Dad Wilson O Cook,

Executive Officer